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Grecle Washable Female Dog Diapers

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Brand: Grecle

Color: Animals


  • Size - Our reusable dog diapers have five size to fit different dog’s breed. These washable dog diapers are great for various dog body shapes. Dogs’ waist and the back legs should be measured carefully before you purchase so that the reusable dog diapers are better fit your dog. These washable dog diapers female are recommended for senior pets, dog incontinence, special needs pets and overnight.
  • High Absorbency and Leak-free - Designed with comfort in mind, these dog diapers have a sewn-in super absorbent pad to hold liquid in the pad, bird-eye mesh fabric against skin and a leak-free exterior PUL shell and a snug elastic tail hole to make doggie diapers totally leak-free.
  • Adjustable Hook & Loop and Snaps - The female washable dog diapers you choose should be tailored to your dog’s waist. The overlapping Hook & Loop design on the dog diaper makes a great fit. Snaps also work well to adjust the length and width of the puppy diapers.
  • Washable and Reusable - The reusable diapers are well made and the great thing is that you can wash them and reuse them. And since the dog diapers are made with precise stitching and quality fabrics, diapers for dogs female can stand up to frequently washing and everyday use.
  • Not Only for Female Dogs in Heat - Pups that are still too young to control their bladder. Senior dogs may also need to wear dog diapers to avoid any accidents in the house. Especially female in heat with the female dog diapers washable to help your dog go through this challenge with dignity - without feeling like they did something wrong.

model number: ‎GC-MGS-XDW-1


Diapers are not only for babies. Pets also need them too. The female dog diapers washable are ideal for dogs who have incontinence, issues with marking, or excitable urination tendencies. You can also use dog diapers for house training, heat cycles, or traveling. Our premium reusable dog diapers female with cute and fun patterns that won’t constrict your dog’s everyday activities. The dog diapers female are washable and reusable, easy to wash in the machine or hand wash, which save your time in the long run. The dog diapers for female washable that stay very comfortable on your dog. Dog diaper has a snug tail space and leak-free design, making doggie diapers super absorbent. With this female dog diapers washable, there’s no cause to worry about your dog messing up the room because the outer is PUL with no leaks. The washable dog diapers are effortless to attach and pull off. The reusable dog diaper is completely attached to the dog. Besides, there are different dog breeds and their waist size is a little difference. The Hook & Loop closures and snaps make sure your dog’s mess stays within the diaper. If you are traveling with your dog, this reusable dog diapers will help your dog stay tidy throughout your journey. The ease of use has made life so much easier. The dog diaper is a fantastic product for your pet.