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Paw Favor

Truelove Eco-Friendly Multi-Loop Multi Grip Dog Leash

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Paw Favor recommends this leash especially for doggos that are very excitable, reactive and prone to sudden surges during walks.

An eco-friendly Truelove dog training and walking leash designed with multiple loops so you can loop round your hand to maintain a firm hold of your doggo at various leash lengths. 


Size : S,M

Origin: China

Material: 100% recycled eco-friendly polyester

Color: Red/Gray/Orange/Blue

Brand Name: TRUELOVE

About Truelove Pet

Truelove pet is the most professional manufacturer of pet products for more than 10 years in China.  Truelove brand has been an industry leading manufacture of pet behavior, containment and lifestyle products for more than 10 years, helping millions of people and pets.