We understand that you would have many questions regarding our daycare services for your pawkid.  For your easy reference, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions from pawrents like you.  Please feel free to chat with us if you have further questions or would like further clarification.


Where is your dog daycare service located?

We are a home based dog daycare service located at 1 Sin Ming Walk, The Gardens at Bishan condominium,  Singapore 575574.   


How big is your compound?

Our home is a 2600 sq. ft. residence with a 500 sq. ft. outdoor patio (sheltered)


Why do I need a trial daycare for my dog?

We recommend a trial daycare for all dogs prior to their regular period of daycare with us.  This can help us identify any potential issues your pawkid may have; give you enough time to respond or look for alternatives if we find that we are not a suitable option for your pawkid.

For your consideration, here’s a list of reasons for doing a trial daycare for your pawkid:

  • You are concerned if your pawkid would be happy and would adapt well to our family and home daycare environment,
  • You would like to assess if you can trust our daycare service,
  • You would like to identify any needs that your pawkid might have for the longer term daycare,
  • You are concerned if we are able to accommodate your pawkid’s needs and behaviour; e.g. separation anxiety, hyperactivity, additional care etc.

We may at times require a mandatory trial daycare for your pawkid to further evaluate if your pawkid is suitable for us.  We have done so for pawkids that have not been well socialised, or have certain behavioural issues like fear, separation anxiety, tendency to bark, stressed in new environment, mild aggression, needs for special care, etc. We will be able to advise during the meet and greet session. 


When can I book your dog daycare service?

please book our dog daycare services as soon as your dates are confirmed.  We will need you to fill up a dog profile form and arrange a meet and greet.

Once our availability and suitability is confirmed, we will need you to sign our service agreement and pay a 50% deposit.  Look forward to hosting your pawkid soon!


What are your check in and check out timings?

Our check-in time is from 9am to 4pm and check-out time is from 9am to 9pm.  Please note that our daycare rate is for 9 hrs and late check out fee of $5/hr applies.  E.g. if your pawkid checks in at 9am and check out at 9pm, additional $15 for 3 hrs of late check out applies.  In the event that you can't pick up your pawkid by 9pm, don't worry, we will keep your pawkid safe with us till the next day with no additional charge. 



What are your daycare rates?

Daycare(9hrs) starts at $35 for small breeds(<10kg), $40 for medium breeds(10-20kg) and $45 for bigger breeds(>20kg). Additional $5 for every additional hour applies. 

Please note that home cooked meals and snacks, pick-up and drop-off, basic shower as well as peak period surcharges are not included in the above daycare rates.


What are your peak period rates?

The following peak period rates apply:

$10 per day surcharge for public holidays, school holidays and long weekends(when public holiday falls on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday).

$20 per day surcharge for Xmas and New Year peak season (18th Dec till 2nd Jan)

$30 per day surcharge for Chinese New Year period (CNY eve till 7th day of CNY)


What other services do you provide during daycare?

We can provide the following services for additional fees:

  1. All natural, human grade, nutritious and balanced home cooked meals.  Please refer to our meal options and prices here.
  2. All natural, human grade, nutritious snacks for doggos.  Please refer to our snack options and prices here.
  3. Pick-Up and Drop-Off. Please refer to our transport rates here.
  4. Basic Shower if your pawkid comes daily and is in need of a shower(e.g. more than 7 days not showered!).  We can also help bring your pawkid to a groomer nearby for full grooming and showers.  Transport fees apply.


What are your shower rates?

We provide basic shower for pawkids who need one. Shower rates are as follows:


Dogs with Single Coat

Small Breed (<10kg)
Medium Breed (10-20kg)
Large Breed (>20kg)


Dogs with Double Coat

Small Breed (<10kg) $60
Medium Breed (10-20kg)
Large Breed (>20kg)


If your pawkid requires medicated shampoo and conditioner, please provide your own.


Do you separate the dogs during daycare?

Dogs are separated by size and needs(medical, seniority, disability etc.).  If required, your pawkid can also be isolated in a playpen or a confined space.


Do the dogs get to roam freely within your compound during daycare?

Yes, your pawkid will be grouped with other similar dogs and get to roam freely within our home. We rotate the groups between the outdoor patio, living area and rooms.   


Do you take all dog breeds, conditions and personalities?  Are there dogs that you would not accept?

Whilst we try to accommodate as many types of dogs as we can, we have had to reject some pawkids that were not suitable for our family, neighbours and pawkids(on daycare with us).


For your reference, here's some pawkid profiles that we have rejected before: 

  • Not vaccinated,
  • Not treated for ticks and fleas,
  • Have aggression and biting history that is not corrected or tendency to bite human or dogs,
  • Breeds with intensive shedding
  • Medically or physically unfit for daycare
  • Need intensive medical care or treatment that we are not able to provide
  • Tendency to bark excessively and loudly(e.g. chilling scream)


Please note that above list is not exhaustive. Please feel free to tell us more about your pawkid so we can revert on its suitability for our home.  A meet and greet will also help us to further assess if your pawkid is suitable for daycare with us.


How many walks do the dogs get a day during daycare? How long is each walk?

Pawkids with us get 1 to 2 walks each day depending on the hours that they are with us.  Our walking times are

Day Walk
check in time
Evening Walk


We walk pawkids in pairs of similar size and pace. Each walk is about 15-20 mins.


My dog needs to wear shoes during walks. Would you be able to accommodate that?

We prefer not to wear shoes for dogs.  We believe dogs should get to feel the grounds that they are walking.  Our experience is that dogs do not like wearing shoes and it is time consuming to put on the shoes, adjust during walks, and put on if they drop off during walks.  Please let us know why your pawkid needs to wear shoes so we can evaluate if we are able to accommodate that.