About Us

Paw Favor is pronounced like the latin phrase "Por Favor", which means "please".  We hope Paw Favor inspires and help more pawrents to give their pawkids more favors by feeding them healthy meals and snacks, sending them to good dog daycare service, and gifting them good products. So here we are serving meals,  offering boarding and curating gifts!  


Paw Favor Meals and Snacks Services

We started preparing human grade meals and snacks for our doggo Muffin when we felt that there is too much preservatives to keep commercial food and treats on the shelf for a longer period.  We were also not sure how much of these contain real quality food. 

We were convinced by the change in the look, form and smell of his poop!  Hence we say: The Proof is in the Poop! 

Paw Favor was born to spread that love to help busy pawrents treat their doggos to tasty, nutritious, balanced, and healthy meals and snacks! Check out our meals and snacks below!  

We welcome pawrents to give us feedback to expand this range of meals and snacks.  We also welcome doggo lovers to come forward and join a neighbourhood of chefs for paws so more busy pawrents can serve their doggos healthy fresh meals and treats without delivery costs! Contact us!


Paw Favor Daycare Services

Our daycare started because we didn't find many dog caring services that are great for Muffin.  So we decided to open our apartment to doggos that need a home away from home. Our dog loving family and big apartment with a spacious outdoor sheltered patio and access to a themed garden within a condominium is ideal for doggos.  It’s exactly how we would have like Muffin to be cared for, if there is such a choice!   Check out the details below!

If you would like us to care for your doggo, please feel free to Contact us!  We may just need them for our next holiday!


Paw Favor Gifts Curation Services

Though our interaction with the pawkids that stay with us, we have the opportunity to discover good products that they use.  In attending to the needs of many dog breeds, male and female, small to large sizes, young puppies to senior dogs, etc. we have also discovered products that would be great for the doggos.  The best way to benefit more doggos in Singapore and rest of the world is to share these products and our reviews.  Check out our blog or go straight to our shop! Note that purchase links for some of our products will direct you to the Amazon store as we are an Amazon Associate and we earn from qualifying purchases.

If you would like to share good products that we haven't featured, please feel free to Contact us!  


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