How to have more control over your dog during walks? Use Truelove Multi Loop Leash and PetSafe Deluxe Easy Walk Harness

Dread walking your dogs? We have a solution for you!

Do you dread walking your doggo? You are not alone.  We have engaged more than 300 pawrents in the course of running our dog boarding and daycare business; and many of them have issues walking their doggos.


Some live with it whilst others walk them less.  Many have completed their basic obedience course or sought further training….but still challenged with the walks.  Sound familiar?  You may want to try our solution that has worked for many pawrents. 


Let’s look at the top 3 issues many of them face and see if they resonate with you:


  1. Doggos walk them! It is quite common to see doggos pulling their owners. And this doesn’t just happen to big doggos….small ones can pull very hard too!
  2. Doggos refuse to walk!  We are not talking about tired doggos who really need a rest after a long walk. We are talking about doggos who just doesn’t want to walk in the direction that you are headed or just wants to lie down and chill. 
  3. Doggos can escape! This happens especially when the collars or harnesses are not the right fit.  Even if they are of the right fit, it can also happen if your doggos forcibly pull or wriggle themselves out; usually out of fear or excitement.


Some of you may face other issues like doggo picking up trash during the walk, reacting badly to other doggos, walking in a zig zag fashion, etc.  Many of these boil down to correcting behaviour and having control over your doggo during walks.


The bad news is, correcting behaviour takes time and it is something all pawrents need to keep doing daily to get their doggos to exhibit the right walk etiquette.


The good news is, we have found a solution that will immediately help you improve your walk control.  We have tried this on many doggos and have received very positive feedback from pawrents who are using our solution.


Our solution is a simple combination of the Truelove Multi-Loop Leash and a PetSafe Deluxe Easy Walk Harness.  If you are thinking this is another leash and harness set that won’t work…you are not alone! Many of our pawrents had that doubt when we introduced it to them.  But after we explained the 2 key features, and let them try on their doggos, they realised it makes sense and it works!


With this unique leash-harness combination, pawrents get a firm grip at various lengths of the Truelove leash and are able to redirect their doggos with a light tug of the PetSafe harness. 


Let us explain why this combination works!


The first key feature is designed by the PetSafe team who understands that doggos have a natural instinct to pull against resistance….the more resistance they feel, the harder they pull.   That is why it is common to see doggos pulling harder when restrained by a collar or a typical harness.  Unlike typical harnesses, the PetSafe Deluxe Easy Walk Harness is designed with a front attachment on a martingale loop at the chest level.  Because of this simple feature, your doggo automatically gets redirected to the left or the right, every time they pull or surge forward; effectively distracting it from the very thing that caused it to pull forward.  Similarly, if your doggo refuses to walk, you can lift it upwards and pull it forward.  By doing so, you are using the martingale loop to squeeze your doggo’s shoulder and get it to move.   Not only will you be able to get your doggo moving without gagging, you won't run the risk of your doggo pulling backwards and escape out of the harness.  


As you will realise, the harness is already designed to address all three top challenges mentioned above.  Why then, you may wonder, is there a need to have the Truelove Multi-Loop Leash?  The answer lies in getting a firm grip to maximise the effect of the PetSafe Easy Walk harness.


The second key feature is designed by the Truelove team who knows that a handle provides more grip than a rope or line.  The Truelove multi-loop leash is designed to give you multiple handles along the leash so you can have a firm grip of your doggo at various lengths of the leash.  This means you can just hold one of the loops and get a firm grip without having to exert a lot of force and without having to suffer rope burns from coiling or slipping leashes.  Depending on whether you need to lead your doggo on a short leash or stop it from going further on a loose leash, you can have a firm grip.


It is so important for doggos to go on walks and we are glad to have helped make it more enjoyable and less stressful for the pawrents.  Some of the best comments we have heard back from pawrents are “Life Changing!”, “Miracle Leash!”, “Life Saver!”. 


Don't hesitate to improve your doggo's walking experience. Get this tried and tested Leash and Harness combination now!  

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