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Paw Favor

Dog Poop Bags with free bone dispenser (bag size 22cmX30cm for small to medium dogs)

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Featured on "The Scoop on Poop Bags"

Free dog bone dispenser with every purchase of 50 rolls of poop bags for your small to medium doggo.  This is a good deal for a total of 750 bags (15 bags per roll); which is approximately a year's supply of poop bags for one doggo.  Bags are easy to tear off with the perforated edge and convenient to carry with you on your doggo walks.

This poop bag is a good size for dogs with small to medium poop portion, typical of small to medium breeds; or large dogs with raw or cooked meal diets as they tend to have smaller poop portion too. You know your dog business best! If you need larger bags, we have you covered too!



Bag Size : 22cm X 30cm (suitable for small to medium sized dogs)

Bone dispenser size : 5cm X 8cm

Color: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Purple

Material: Eco-friendly plastic

Package :
50rolls(750bags)+1 free dispenser (random color bags)
50rolls(750bags)+1 free dispenser (black bags)
10rolls(150bags)+1 free dispenser (random color bags)