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PETKIT All Seasons Deep Sleep Nest with Memory Foam

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A high quality bed designed by Petkit to give your doggo a safe, comfortable secure sleep.  Moreover, it is easy to clean so you can maintain a high standard of hygiene for your doggo! 


1: One-piece nest, shaped support is wrapped with high-elastic sponge and not easy to deform. 

2: Double-sided inner cushion made of high-quality bamboo charcoal memory foam, has a porous surface that allows ventilation and heat dissipation; suitable for all seasons.

3: The natural curve of the memory foam balances the pressure of the pet's body on the mattress, and maintain the natural physiological curve of all parts of the pet's body.

4: The jacket is removable and washable. It is made of high-quality fabrics to give your doggo a comfortable feel. The zipper is concealed and can be removed with one pull.

6: Designed with a hand strap, it can be hung or lifted for easy drying. There is a storage bag on the side with a zipper for storing small items. The bottom of the bed is non-slip, wear-resistant and breathable.


Wash Style: Mechanical Wash

Origin: China

Material: Outer Jacket: Polyester Fibre.  Inner Core Composition: Polyurethane, Memory Foam 


S: 51*39*105mm (pets within 5 kg);

M: 67*51*125mm (pets within 10 kg);

L: 89*67*145mm (pets within 30 kg)

Colour: Pine Forest Green, Glacier Grey, Deep Sea Blue