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Ohbabyka Washable Reusable Male Dog Diaper

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No more marking! No more worries your male doggo will pee on your car seat! This washable reusable diaper is designed with a large square hook and loop absorbent cloth with a waterproof outer layer that prevents leak and damage to your floor, rug, carpet, sofa etc. 

It comes in S/M/L sizes to cater to your dog breed size and can be adjustable to pawfectly fit your doggo's waistline.  

If your doggo is an untrained puppy or suffering from incontinence of if you just want to protect your car seat or save yourself the embarrassment of your doggo marking on your frequent visit to others' home, this diaper is what you need.  Moreover, it is more economical than using disposable diapers.

Note : this diaper is not suitable for female dogs.  


Size : S/M/L Adjustable. Refer to sizing chart 


Origin: China

Material: Polyester

Brand Name: OHBABYKA