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Ohbabyka Washable Female Dog Diapers

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A washable, reusable and fashionable dog diaper designed for female dogs so you can prevent your dog from peeing at non-designated areas in your home.  Wash the diaper instead of washing your floor, wall and furniture!  Smell proof your home from pee smell too! For dogs menstruating, this is a must-have to keep your home clean of blood.

This diaper can also be used on a male dog. Just make sure the diaper size is big enough to cover your doggo's privacy.  May fit a neutered male dog better than an intact male dog.

Tip: Get enough diapers so you have spare ones to use when you have sent one for laundry and so that you can change diapers when one is damp.


Size : Please refer to Dog Diaper Size Chart image for sizing instruction.

Material : Polyester 

Origin: China

Brand Name: OHBABYKA