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Dog Pee Pads

Super Value Disposable Pee Pad for Doggos

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Looking for highly absorbent pee pads for your doggo?  We are offering 1 pack for $7.50 and a bundle of 3 for $19.50! Simply self collect at Paw Favor at Sin Ming Walk! We will contact you to arrange self collection date and time!

These pee pads are ideal for indoor toilet / potty training. Suitable for puppies, senior dogs and all breeds.  Use on its own or with a pee tray, on your doggo's bed, inside your doggo's crate, on your car seat and in your doggo travel carrier etc.


Origin: China


- Non-woven top-layer fabric for quick water absorption and drying

- Environmentally-friendly fabric, soft and breathable, tear-resistant and leak-proof for your pets

- water proof PE film


M : 45cmX60cm

L : 60cmX60cm