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Truelove 7 In 1 Multi-Function Reflective Dog Leash

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This leash is very versatile. Of the 7 modes that it has, we love the double leash mode best because it allows us to walk 2 dogs with ease, interchanging the length of each dog's leash to cater to the need and pace of each dog during the walk; by just using one hand! Made with soft mesh padding, you can comfortably grip and adjust length on the move. The handsfree mode is great if your dog is very calm and obedient during walks, otherwise you may find yourself being pulled by your doggo.



Why get 1 leash when you can get 7 leashes in 1!  Choose from 5 colours and 3 sizes!

Here's how it works in 7 leash modes (Refer to the 2 image illustrations) :

01. A 175cm leash: give your doggo more freedom to roam with a 175cm leash length by attaching the hook to the first ring.
02. A double lead: walk 2 dogs with this leash by pulling the leash through the middle ring, forming a handle loop and leaving the 2 hooks to be attached to 2 dogs!
03. A 135cm leash: give your doggo just enough freedom to roam with a 135cm leash length by attaching the hook to the ring at middle of the leash.
04. A tether: loop the hook round a pole or bar and attach the hook to the first ring; making a dog tether to secure your doggo whilst you attend to other matters.
05. A 110cm lead: attach the hook to the ring at the end of leash and you have a 110cm leash to keep your doggo next to you during walks.  This is very useful when you are walking in a crowded area, or crossing the road etc.
06. A hands free leash: Sling the leash across your shoulder and you can keep your hands free when walking your doggo!
07. A temporary check collar:  Attach the hook to the first ring forming a loop, wrap it round your doggo's neck and pull the other end of the leash through the loop. The leash now works as a check collar and leash, all-in-one.



1. 3M Reflective webbing for night visibility
2. 2 black strong stainless snap hooks and three rings for secure usage of all 7 modes. 
3. Wide soft mesh padding makes this dog leash extremely comfortable for both you and your Dog.
4. Owner information can be written on wash label.


Size: S: 200cm, M: 200cm, L: 200cm

Model number: TLL2411

Colour: Black, Orange, Neon Yellow, Blue, Fuchsia

Origin: China

Material: Nylon, soft mesh padded, 3M Reflective,black stainless hook and ring

Brand Name: TRUELOVE

Color: Orange, Black, Neon yellowBlueFuchsia