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Paw Favor

Truelove Soft Neoprene Dog Collar

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A sporty fashionable Truelove dog collar that is light and comfortable for your doggo.  You can choose from 7 fabulous colours.


1. Lightweight and resistant to pulling
Truelove pays attention to dog wearing comfort and ease of use. It is made of lightweight aluminum alloy buckles, and the metal material is strong and tensile.

2. Nylon yarn-dyed webbing
It is made of high-density webbing + SBR neoprene lining material, which is moderately thick, comfortable, strong, and resistant to pulling, while avoiding wear and tear on the skin and hair during use.

3. Duraflex buckle
Duraflex buckle, a world-renowned brand of plastic accessories for mountaineering bag equipment, is easy to put on and take off, with a crisp bite sound, and a tight closure.
4. Slip collar design:
Unique P collar design which is perfect for the dogs training. Adjustable for easy controlling your pets.

5. 3M Reflective Material
Reflective ensure good visibility at night.


Size : S,M,L

Origin: China

Material: Mesh, Nylon, 3M Reflective, Aluminium alloy, SBR diving material

Color: WineRed, Fuchsia, BlackRed, BlackOrange, GreyBlue, GreyGreen, Brown

Collar Type: Basic Collars

Versions: Silver Buckle or Coloured Buckle

Brand Name: TRUELOVE


About Truelove Pet

Truelove pet is the most professional manufacturer of pet products for more than 10 years in China.  Truelove brand has been an industry leading manufacture of pet behaviour, containment and lifestyle products for more than 10 years, helping millions of people and pets.