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Paw Favor

Truelove Seat Belt Safety Buckle

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As we need to fetch and send many doggos that board with us, we started searching for a car safety product that is safe yet not restrictive, durable, suitable for all dog breeds and sizes, and works with most harnesses without a seat belt insert strap. Not only does this Truelove safety buckle meet all our requirements, it is the safest design, and it allows both the hooman and doggo to use the same seat belt and buckle concurrently.



A smartly designed safety accessory for Dog transportation that leverages on the car's built-in seat belt retractor locking mechanism.  This is safer than using a separate seat belt for your doggo.  Simply buckle the car seat belt and attach this safety buckle to the car seat belt.  Now hook the buckle to your doggo's harness.  Tada! You have just transformed the vehicle's car seat belt(OEM approved) into your doggo's seat belt! 



Specification: Free Size

Origin: China

Model Number: TLM1992

Color: Black

Brand Name: TRUELOVE

Material: Aluminium-Alloy


About Truelove Pet

Truelove pet is the most professional manufacturer of pet products for more than 10 years in China.  Truelove brand has been an industry leading manufacture of pet behavior, containment and lifestyle products for more than 10 years, helping millions of people and pets.