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Home-based dog daycare vs commercial dog daycare

Not sure if you should go for a home based daycare service or a commercial service in Singapore? In a nutshell, if both are well run, the difference will come down to price and convenience (check in/out flexibility, proximity etc.).  Yet, everypawdy's needs and preferences are different, so here's 10 important ones to consider.

1. Attention and Care.

Home-based : A dog loving family will definitely make your dog feel right at home throughout the day.  It is not likely that you can see this with surveillance footage but you can tell from the photos and videos they update you with.  Good carers treat your dog as their own and provide attentive daily pet care. In the event you can't pick up your doggo, a good home carer may even let your doggo stay over for the night. 

Commercial : Good staff will certainly watch over your doggo during the day. If your doggo is staying overnight, make sure someone's around to attend to your doggo in the night when everypawdy is asleep. The good ones will let you view their surveillance footages anytime you want.

2. Professional training and handling

Home-based : Depending on the experience and qualification of the carer, you are more likely to find a fellow dog owner lover helping you look after your dog.  Hence if you doggo has behavioural issues like aggression and biting history, you should not choose a home-based option.

Commercial : Some centers would have their staff trained to handle and even train dogs.  So if your doggo needs training or behaviour correction, commercial options may be a more suitable option; but expect to pay additional fees for the training.  Do make sure they are trained and certified.

3. Separation Anxiety

Home-based : In a home setting, it is very likely that someone will be home throughout the day.  If your doggo has separation anxiety, this will give your doggo great comfort. 

Commercial : With adequate staffing, there should be a hooman looking out for your doggo during the day.  You should be more concerned about the night when your doggo is likely going to be sleeping alone in a cubicle or room. 

4. Socialising

Home-based : You can expect fewer doggos around but the more popular boarders with a bigger space should have enough dogs keep yours company. On the other hand if your doggo is not very doggo friendly(yes there are such doggos), then a home environment would be pawfect.

Commercial : Your doggo will certainly not get to feel lonely here. There's great for social types, but can be very stressful for the not so social types. 

5. Health, Safety, Hygiene

Home-based : Visit the home to ensure they have measures in place to ensure your doggo's health, safety and hygiene is in good hands.  To help you along, we cover these points in more detail here  

Commercial : Whilst these centers are designed for dogs and are likely to have operating procedures, it is still recommended that you visit the premise to assess the environment and operations. 

6. Indoor and Outdoor Space

Home-based : Most apartments would be small and hence don't expect a lot of indoor or outdoor space. There are exceptions like landed homes and apartments with big patio or terraces.    

Commercial : More likely than not, a hotel would offer more space indoor and outdoor.  If you like to give your dog a lot of space to roam and run around in, this would be a good choice. 

7. Price

Home-based : If price is your single most important factor, home options would certainly not empty your pawkets.  That doesn't mean their service offering is poorer...it just means they expect less profits.  You are likely to find affordable dog daycare with homes than with commercial centers.

Commercial : If you have deep pawkets, you can treat your doggo to more luxurious centers and novel programs!  Again, a high price doesn't guarantee you better service that suit your preferences.

8. Insurance

Home-based : The carer is not likely to have insurance cover for your doggos. Do everypawdy a favor...get one for your doggo if you can, regardless of whether you are sending your doggo to daycare.

Commercial : The full fledged commercial center businesses should have some level of insurance coverage for your doggo but don't expect that to free you from your responsibility for your doggo's actions and behaviour.   

9. Service Agreement

Home-based : Arrangements with home carers are typically informal over messaging apps or booking platforms.  These messages before and during the daycare session can all be referenced as agreed terms during a dispute settlement. It becomes complicated when you need to claim against another pawrent who rejects your claim. Hence having a service agreement signed amongst all parties ensures everypawdy agrees to the terms and conditions. 

Commercial : If they do not have service agreement, you should be worried about their professionalism. 

10. Flexibility

Home-based : You can pawbably get the flexibility to check in and check out anytime (no graveyard timings please!). But of course, if you are late for pick up, expect to pay for extended hours.   

Commercial : Most centers have fixed check in and check out timings so their staff can leave at the end of the day. Make sure you plan your time accordingly!

Hope you are now clearer about your choice! Do leave a comment to share your feedback or other factors that we have yet to consider! 

P/S: If you are looking for daycare options on a regular basis, a home-based or commercial option near you could save you a lot of transport costs.

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