The Gardens at Bishan is a condominium that your dog would love!

The Gardens at Bishan is a condominium that your dog would love!

Looking for a new home in a condominium that would be ideal for you and your doggo? Well, we know of one called The Gardens at Bishan, located at Sin Ming Walk, Singapore!  Here's a list of reasons why...

  • Your pawkid would have many pawfriends in the hood.  With more than 700 households and a surge in Covid puppies, your pawkids can easily meet pawfriends during walks within the condominium. The usual suspects(pardon us if we misspelt some names or are wrong with the breed info or have the wrong impression of your doggo!) are :
  1. Beanie the Maltipoo(Breed TBC) frequents the park and follows the owner unleashed
  2. Bebe the Bichon Frise
  3. Bingo the brown Toy Poodle 
  4. Blackie the Toy Poodle doesn't like it if you get too close.
  5. Bruno the ShihTzu is well known for his small size but loud bark.
  6. Buddy the ShihTzu reacts to everypawdy that walks past.
  7. Burita the MIxed Breed shies away from a mile away.
  8. Charcoal the Westie Scottish Terrier mix seeks play actively but runs away from Skippy!
  9. Coco the toy poodle and little sister of Pickle. Count yourself lucky if you see Coco on walks!
  10. Cooper the Labrador is big on wiggles
  11. Donut the Shih Tzu is timid but loves handsome large breeds so go to her for the handsome test.
  12. Dolly the Toy Poodle needs time to warm up to you and your doggo and follows her pawrent unleashed
  13. Dudu the Toy Poodle is usually watching everypawdy from Blk 3C
  14. Duke the Golden Retriever looks so regal we wonder if he is of royal bloodline.
  15. Duke the Samoyed, oh his lordship is always looking his best and loves to announce his arrival.
  16. Duo Duo the Border Collie is unusually calm for his breed and gentle with everypawdy.
  17. Fudgee the brown Toy Poodle likes to meet everypawdy at Blk 7A
  18. Goldie the Golden Retriever has a baby face but can be a bit reactive
  19. Juniper the mini Goldendoodle is just very happy to see you and play!
  20. Kayto the Shiba Inu is the newest kid on the block
  21. Keizer the Cockerpoo gets super affectionate once he knows you
  22. Leyo (Name TBC) the Cream Retriever is either strolling around or lazing around with Ro.
  23. Lucky the Singapore Special is selective and prefer not to be disturbed, especially when she is with her beloved owner.
  24. Loulou the Cavapoo will happily run to you and seek play!
  25. Mellow the Golden Retriever is very calm till she sees Cooper! She just got a little Goldendoodle sibling...called Maple(TBC)!
  26. Milo the brown Toy Poodle is perhaps the smallest dog in the neighbourhood.
  27. Mochi the white Maltichon is very huggable and meets up with her pawfriends at the Bishan park everyday
  28. Muffin the American Cocker Spaniel is always hungry and doesn't want to walk much these days.
  29. Nugget the poodle(Breed TBC)
  30. Ollie the Mixed Breed is timid and will shy away.
  31. Peanut the maltipoo is an energiser bunny on a leash
  32. Pickle the toy poodle and little sister of Coco. Count yourself lucky if you see Pickle on walks!
  33. Ro the Golden Retriever who is either strolling around or lazing around with Leyo (Name TBC)
  34. Rynt the Sheepadoodle can play one on one with a few dogs concurrently.
  35. Sandy the Mixed Breed is almost blind and will speak her mind with a few high pitched barks.
  36. Shan the Golden Retriever can be quite reactive
  37. Skippy the Cavapoo is everypawdy’s friend
  38. Snowy the Bichon Frise is curious and likes to stand by doggos.
  39. Snowy, the Poodle (breed TBC) is cautious but will selectively sniff some pawdies.
  40. Spoof the Spitz is a very good boy who tends to crabwalk.  We recently heard he has grown out of it after wearing the PetSafe Deluxe Easy Walk harness
  41. Sugar has a younger sibling called Tofu.  Sugar is the vocal one.
  42. Sushi the brown toy poodle is curious and loves to meet new friends. 
  43. Timber the beige poodle(breed TBC) loves to sing from his balcony
  44. Tofu has an older sibling called Sugar.  Tofu is often seen dashing around looking for playmates.
  45. Tolby (Name TBC) the Singapore Special has escaped from his leash a few times so stay calm and firm if you chance upon him unleashed.
  46. Truffles the CorgiSpitz is a great escapist from home.  Look out for him roaming around without his owners! (P/S: he hasn't escaped in recent times, since his owner blocked his escape routes!)
  47. Yugo the Bichon Frise is highly excitable at the sight of pawkids.
  48. ZhaoCai the Shiba Inu is calm but selective in making pawfriends.
  49. Others like a Brown Singapore Special, a Black Singapore Special, a Pinscher and Shiba duo, Corgi,  etc.
  • Instagramworthy landscape.  This condominium area spans 34,943 sqm; which is about the size of 5 soccer fields.  The European themed garden is very well maintained and provides a beautiful backdrop for all your doggo's photos and videos.
  • A little secret lawn area where some pawrents have unleashed their well behaved dogs...if you want to do so, please make sure you have your eyes on your doggo(not your phone) and block off the exit point...otherwise be prepared to take responsibility for whatever might happen to your doggo or to others if you doggo runs off unleashed.
  • Big patio in some units. The ground floor and 19th floor units have large outdoor patios that would be pawfect roaming space for your doggo!    
  • Convenient home dog boarding and daycare at Paw Favor.  Need help to look after your doggo when you are travelling or when you can't have your doggo at home? Get help from Paw Favor, your neighbourhood's dog boarding and daycare service with an online store! 
  • Slopes for runs.  Need to burn your pawkid's energy? There are enough slopes and steps for you to do that! Well provided you outlast your pawkid!  
  • Long walks.  This condominium is situated next to Bishan Ang Mo Kio park where you can take long walks with your doggo and meet many others along the way to the dog run! Stop by at Mcdonald's for a quick sundae break or get a nice Alfresco brunch at Canopy before you head back! 
  • Pet services nearby. Some of the essential pet services nearby are
  1. Paw Favor for dog boarding and daycare, pet supplies and dog meals;
  2. Oasis Vet and Pets Avenue Vet Clinic for vet consultations;
  3. Mount Pleasant Vet Hospital for A&E;
  4. My Pet's Diary for Grooming.  
  • Sheltered Walkway.  Need to walk your pawkid but it is raining? Or the heat is unbearable?  This condo's got you covered, literally!  And we are not talking about walking within the basement carpark or along the corridors within the condo blocks(we know you don't want your pawkid to soil the common areas...). You can walk your pawkid out of the condo via the side gate to the MRT entrance or the bus stop under shelter!

We hope the above helps you consider The Gardens at Bishan as a home for you and your pawkid! If not, you could still board your pawkid with Paw Favor to get a taste of the above benefits during its staycation!

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