Unleash your dog's leash potential

Unleash your dog's leash potential

As you know, we provide dogboarding and daycare services.  Through our interaction with doggos and their pawrents, we have come to learn about a variety of needs for leash features.  We have captured all of them here so you can decide which needs are most important to you and hence which leash is best for you! And if you have a need that we are unaware of, please comment below or email us to look into it!    

For a good run…

Miya brown husky crossing road at bishan marymount junction after run in bishan ang mo kio park with 7 in 1 leash available at Paw Favor Online Store and Gift Shop for dogs.

If you are going for a run with your doggo, a good leash can help you in the following ways:

  1. Impact reduction : you want to make sure a sudden stop or fall by either you or your doggo would not cause the other to fall. Leashes designed with a bungee elasticity will help reduce the impact and prevent injuries. 
  2. Visibility : when running / jogging in the night, you want to make sure other joggers and pedestrians or cyclists can see your leash so they don’t trip over it.  Get leashes designed with reflective material to prevent such accidents.
  3. Handsfree : why swing your arms with leash in hand when you can swing it freely or swing it with weights in hand instead!?   
  4. Control : Whilst you are likely to have your doggo keeping pace within a comfortable leash length, there are times when you need to be able to run and hold him close, like crossing the road or running by the roadside when the jogging path is blocked or when there is heavy human traffic along the way.  You will want be able to switch to a short leash quickly.   

Good news is ….we have found a leash that does all the above! Check it out in our online store!


For an enjoyable walk…

enjoyable walk with Hokuto giant poodle at gardens at bishan sin ming walk with multi-loop multi-handle Truelove leash available at Paw Favor Online Store and Gift Shop for dogs.

If you are not enjoying your walks with your doggo, perhaps your leash is not helping you with 2 key factors:

  1. Control : if your doggo is one that pulls, darts, dashes, dodges, or simply refuses to walk…you would want a leash that helps you level up on control! Look for leashes that are designed with multiple loops so you have the option to hold the leash at various lengths and leverage on the loop design to resist your doggo’s force or exert a stronger pull on your doggo.
  2. Comfort : easy to and soft to grip yet durable…that’s the kind of leash material and design that will prevent hand strain and rope burns.

Don’t hold on to your leash….try this Truelove multi-loop leash that we have found to be essential for an enjoyable walk with your doggo!  Read about how it has helped Ruby, one of our regular boarder!


For versatility to suit all occasions …

Tether two pairs of dogs using the Truelove 7 in 1 double leash and tether function concurrently.  Sold at Paw Favor Online Store and Gift Shop at Gardens at Bishan Sin Ming Walk Singapore

Some of us want the flexibility to use the leash in multiple ways, as the occasion requires.  Here’s 7 occasions that one single leash can be designed for…

  1. Handsfree : whether you are running, jogging or simply want to keep your hands free to hold your phone, your kids, or bicycle or shopping bags…you will want a leash that can be slung over your shoulder or belted around your waist so you don’t have to hold on to it!
  2. Close Heel : you may be walking towards a human crowd, screaming kids, unfriendly doggos and otters, or have to walk alongside the road; these are times when you want to be able to shorten your leash and keep your doggo close to you.   
  3. Walk and Sniff : most of the time we want to keep our doggo within a meter away so it gets enough space to walk and sniff around, and we can still react in time to stop it from getting into trouble. Most leash are designed only for this purpose. 
  4. Roam and discover : there are times when you feel it is safe for your doggo as well as others to give it more space to roam and discover; you would want a leash that is extendable to at least 2 meters in length for that.
  5. Double leash : we are so envious of you….to have 2 doggos! Instead of getting entangled by 2 leashes, wouldn’t it be great if your leash can be transformed into a leash for 2 dogs? And we are not talking about a split leash attachment that doesn't allow you to control each of the dogs!
  6. Tether : need to anchor your doggo to a pole or rail whilst you picnic, swim, or attend to a matter without your doggo, you want a leash that can work as a tether!
  7. Collar leash : your doggo might start to behave in a reactive manner or needs to be trained during walk.  You may consider getting a training leash or use a leash that can be changed into a collar leash!  Having said so, we would still prefer you to use a front range harness so you can better control your doggo’s movement without chocking it’s neck. 

There is actually a leash that has all the above 7 functions in 1 leash! Check out this Truelove 7-in-1 leash!


For fashion...


The fashion conscious amongst us need a matching leash for our OOTD.  The good news is, fashion can go with function too! Thanks to Fuzzyard, there are dozens of fashionable prints to choose from and you can be sure there is one to match your OOTD!  Fuzzyard products are also functionally well designed and made of high quality material for you and your doggos’ comfort.  Check out our Fuzzyard leash collection!

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