Why pawrents use Dog DNA Test kits, how it is done, how it works, accuracy and considerations.  Find Dog DNA test kits with good reviews.

DNA test for your doggo?

Did you know that you can find out about your doggo’s ancestral line by using a DNA test?  There are a number of brands of DNA test kits that you can purchase online. The more popular ones are easy to administer…simply swab your doggo’s inner cheek, seal it in the prepaid envelope provided and send it back to the lab. Watch this video to understand how it is done. You will get the DNA report in a few days time. 

Are DNA tests accurate? Here's a good video that explains Dog DNA tests and their accuracy by geneticist Alex Dainis who sent her dog's DNA to 3 DNA test companies (You can skip the sponsor video from 6th sec to 1min 28sec). 

We have not done a DNA test on our doggo but wonder why would one want to do so ... and here’s 3 good and popular reasons we found…

1. Know your mongrel’s breed

Have you wondered which breeds your mongrel is a mix of?  Would you be better at understanding your mongrel’s behaviour and training it if you know which breeds’ traits it has?  Would you also be more prepared in preventing genetic diseases that your mongrel may be more predisposed with? If your answers to these questions are "YES", then it would be exciting to run a DNA tests on your doggo!  

2. Know if your doggo is the right breed you bought

Are you having doubts about your doggo’s breed?  Is your doggo demonstrating unexpected traits or having health problems that are not usual for your doggo’s breed?  Are other pawrents who bought their doggos from the same pet shop or breeder having similar doubts and concerns?  This DNA test may answer your doubts. And if more of the pawrents of doggos bought from the same shop apply this test, we can have more data about whether this is a shop we should trust.  Whilst there is discussion about the complete accuracy of these tests, pure breed identification can be further supported by evaluation of the physical features of the dog.  

3. Know your doggo's potential health issues

Would you like to take preventive measures to minimise your doggo’s risk of genetic health issues that are common amongst its breed? DNA tests can give you actionable insights to take care of your doggo's health risk. A word of caution: do not take drastic measures, based on a DNA test, to pre-treat your doggos for a genetic health issue that it is not diagnosed with. Such test results may not be 100% accurate; and your doggo may not even fall victim to these potential health issues. Veterinarians have warned of the accuracy of DNA tests and called for more regulation over this industry

If you are keen to run a DNA test for your doggo, we have curated some DNA test kits with good reviews for your convenience. If you like some 3rd party reviews, this article provides more details about each brand of DNA test kits. To learn more about DNA tests kits and the issues relating to them, please refer to some of the content below. 

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